Decatur County proposes repairs on three new roads through LMIG program

Published 5:01 pm Tuesday, July 10, 2018

In addition to revenue generated from TSPLOST, Decatur County is tackling more road repairs through the Local Maintenance and Imporvement Grant (LMIG) program with the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Decatur County has requested to receive $785,231.68 for its 2019 LMIG cycle. This money is earmarked for repairs to Woodhull Road, Bell Dixon Road and Kelley Road. Material costs for the project are $782,148.60 and estimated labor and costs are marked at $235,569.50, for a total project cost of $1.01 million. These numbers are an estimate, according to the proposal

The Decatur County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved to submit the proposal to the Georgia DOT. The anticipated start date is April 2019.

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“In looking at our roads and what we have listed out on our TSPLOST, what needs resurfacing and those remaining roads, it is my determination that these roads are the most qualified for resurfacing,” said Pulbic Works Director Dennis Medley. “They get a lot of traffic.”

Commissioner Rusty Davis asked Medley if any of the projects called for widening the roads, particularly Kelley Road. Medley said it is a standard 21-feet wide and will not be made wider, but its appearance should improve after the shoulders are clipped and the road is leveled where it should be.

Medley said the 2017 LMIG projects on Brinson Airbase Road and Fluent Road are nearly complete. Both have been resurfaced and striped, and Decatur County only has the driveways along Brinson Airbase Road left to do.

Continuation of the 2018 LMIG is set to begin next Monday on Booster Club Road and Booster Club Circle. Last fall, both roads were leveled. Top coating on both will begin next week, said Medley.