New retail and wellness store opens in town

Published 4:29 pm Friday, July 6, 2018

There is a new retail shop in town that should pique your interest.  Located at 1308 Dothan Road, the business name is EliAnn’s Retail and Wellness Shop. Owner Rene Chason said the name is a combination of Eli from her daughter Kassidy Elizabeth and Ann from her mother Delores Ann Cloud.

The clothing and accessory lines range from Cello jeans, Umgee casual clothing, clever caps, beach towels and shoes. There is also a line of Pimono jewelry and Myra leather bags made from recycled military products.

But, perhaps the most interesting products are the SunMed CBD oils made from hemp. Rene Chason says although it is a cannabis compound, “There is absolutely no THC in the oils. They won’t get you high.” And, she assures they are completely legal.

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The CBD comes in different forms, with the cream being especially good for pain, psoriasis and eczema. The water soluble form can be used for other medical conditions, such as anxiety, depression, relief and treatment of seizures.

Rene said she can give a personal testimony to the effectiveness of the products, especially for treating depression and anxiety.

She recommends it as a very good alternative to pain medications, and assures there is no euphoria, “but your symptoms simply lighten up or disappear.”

This is her first venture in retail, but she has a long work history that includes being an EMT, laying tile and helping her husband Mark Chason in his trucking business.

Her business logo is a Tree of Life with a red bird perched on a branch. Her father died in 2015 and she says the red bird is symbolic of the loss, as the legend goes, a loved one comes back in the form of a red bird to watch over you.