Hey Granddaddy, it’s me, Jill

Published 3:12 pm Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 4th is full of all my favorite things: hotdogs, hamburgers, family, friends and most importantly freedom.

While the day is full of celebration, there’s always one thing that gives me a little sadness on that day. My grandfather, better known as “granddaddy” passed away on July 4, 2000. 

Granddaddy was diagnosed with cancer around the time my sister turned one, but he never missed a thing. He was there at her Winnie the Pooh birthday party, he was at the family reunions and Sunday lunches at my Old Grannies and he was always playing peek a boo with us during our slumber parties with him and Gran- Gran in Americus on the weekends.

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He loved his grandchildren more than words could ever say. He was no beautician, but he tried his hardest when my cousins or me asked him to play beauty shop with us. My Gran- Gran has a framed picture in the bathroom of him blow-drying my oldest cousins hair.

My family went on a cruise this past week with my Gran-Gran, and while we were away the same ship she and Granddaddy went on 30 years ago was in port.

I don’t believe in signs much, but I really think it was his way of saying “I’m traveling with y’all too!”

I miss you so much Granddaddy and I wish you could’ve traveled with us. I think you would’ve really liked traveling to the little shops in Grand Cayman and watching Gran-Gran buy all the tribal cover-ups for her to don on the ship.

I can see you now in Cozumel, walking into the large gift shop where all the cigarettes are located and picking up a box to have your afternoon smoke, before you sipped on something tall and strong at the pool with all of us.

I know you are in a better place now and you aren’t in pain, but I sure wish this week we could’ve made memories with you.

It’s been 18 years since you left us, but you still live on in my heart forever, so while I celebrate this joyous holiday I hope you know I’m celebrating the wonderful time I had with you as well.

My grandfather not only was a family man, but a man of service as well. During this holiday, I remember not only him, but also everyone who has sacrificed family time and milestones to fight for the freedom we celebrate.

I hope that everyone takes a moment this holiday to remember the ones who gave us our freedom; I know I will be thinking of one in particular among the rest.

Happy Fourth of July, Granddaddy! I miss you, love you and write this column in remembrance of you.