A happiness you can’t buy

Published 3:50 pm Friday, June 22, 2018

It’s rare in life to have such a blissful happiness that others notice and comment on it. We often fall into a daily, monotonous routine that leaves us with the same worn out expression that may muster a smile every now and then.

However, my worn out expression and rare smiles have recently faded and I’ve become that blissfully happy girl again. A little over a year ago I moved to Bainbridge and was slightly overwhelmed. I didn’t know how I would make friends or even create a life similar to what I was used to at college. For months, I spent my time watching Netflix, covering what I was instructed and mostly sticking to myself.

But, there was more in store for me; I just hadn’t found it yet.

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When we published 24 Hours in Bainbridge, I wrote a story on Morningside Baptist Church Weekday Education. Little did I know, Morningside would soon be my second home. I quickly became the newest nursery worker and the children there put a smile on my face every Sunday. They bring me joy with their sweet kisses and hugs and small, yet monumental accomplishments.

I knew when I started work there this was the beginning of something bigger for me. God was about to start opening more doors in my life.

As I said earlier, I mostly kept to myself during my first months here, but I have lately come out of my shell and made a group of friends that can’t be rivaled.

I truly believe these newfound friends are what we girls refer to as “bridesmaid besties.” I haven’t had a friend who calls me and just wants to do nothing other than just hang out and enjoy each others company in a long time.

I had friends in college, but most of those friends were social friends and only wanted to hang out if we were going out, but these aren’t those. They build me up and inspire me to be a better person.

We get together on Monday nights and watch the Bachelorette and scream when our favorite guy gets called, we go shopping in Tallahassee or even occasionally Walmart and sometimes they even convince me to workout with them.

The few friends I have kept from college have realized the change in myself as well. They know the new people in my life have made me happy and can tell just by my voice on the phone. In the past week I’ve had two people tell me “I haven’t heard you this happy in a long time.”

That means more than anyone can ever know. I have faced my struggles over the years and sometimes found myself depressed; being happy again is one of the most important things and best things that could ever happen to me.

I never thought I would be this blissful happy girl that radiates joy, but here I am thanks to Bainbridge.

It’s been two years too long since I last heard “you sound really happy.” But, this time I’m confident the happiness will last because of the people and the town I’ve surrounded myself with.