Campers get inside look at SouthWind Plantation

Published 4:02 pm Friday, June 8, 2018

Tuesday afternoon Oscar Jackson campers went on a field trip to SouthWind Plantation and had the chance to learn all about bird dogs in training and the phases they go through before being released on a hunt.

Jessica Cannon, kennel manager, showed the kids where they kept all of the larger dogs and explained all of the different types to them. SouthWind has English Cocker Spaniels, English Pointers, German Short haired pointers and setters. She explained to the kids all of the dogs are used on the quail hunts, but they usually take between 6-8 dogs per hunt. Optimally, they take eight because the dogs easily tire out. 

The kids quickly learned that the English Cocker Spaniels are used to flush out quail, and got to see one of the quail guides, Will Key’s, dog in action.

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The kids were thrilled to see the dog in action and even more excited to ride in the SouthWind Jeep out to the quail hunting area.

Camp director, Chelsey Jones told campers this is only one of the many fun things they will be doing this week.

The kids will have the opportunity to go to the firing range and shoot AR-15’s, learn archery, swim, fish, canoe and play sports of their choosing.

After learning how to canoe and all about water safety, the campers will take a canoe trip that starts at the Spring Creek Bridge and ends at the Blue Hole.

Jones said most of the kids favorite activity is fishing. When given the choice of their afternoon activity, they always lean towards fishing. However, the camp hopes to peak their interest in shooting and archery as well.

The kids also receive visitors at camp and learn about a variety of different things. Jones was excited for the kids to meet a representative from the Ecological Center and also learn from an EMC during the week’s presentations.

Each week of camp the presentations will differ, but Jones promised that kids have Pam Martin Wells and a trip to Elephant Aid International in Attapulgus to look forward to.

Camp will be offered three additional weeks this summer. It will be hosted June 11-15, June 25-29 and the final week will be July 16-20. Children still interested in signing up can submit their registration form to Megan Wimberley.