Young Bainbridge singer dedicated to goal of singing at Grand Ole Opry

Published 6:03 pm Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Twelve-year-old Hope Haire was born to sing.

Coming from a family of gospel singers, it was no surprise when Haire developed her own sound and started singing in competitions. Haire most recently placed first in the Nashville Talent Showdown, guaranteeing her a spot in the finale.

Haire said she first started humming when she was younger and she gradually began to sing. She never had any formal lessons, but she never let that prevent her from competing with the best of them. She saw the advertisement for the Nashville Talent Showdown on Facebook and decided to enter. She sang “Would you Hold Me While I cry” by Karen Peck & New River. Haire said she was a little nervous about getting out on stage, but once the music started she was filled with excitement and her nerves went away.

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When it came time for the results, Haire said she saw the judges looking at her and she had hoped she won.

“When they announced my name, it made my heart drop,” she said.

Her mother, Tia Haire, shared in her daughter’s excitement.

“I didn’t know what to think,” Tia said. “It’s something she’s always wanted to do, so I was excited for her.”

With the win under her belt, Haire will advance to the finale on Nov.9-10 in Nashville. In addition, she will have an on air phone interview, pitching session with Tennessee songwriters, an original song review from Hookline Publishing, a single release with promotion, co-write with a professional and gain a one year membership to the Inspirational Country Music Association.

Haire has already started prepping for the big finale.

She recorded her own rendition of Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb” with her dad as one of her possible songs. She is also hoping to gain some piano and guitar lessons and insights from her dad.

Haire hopes to win the finale and perform at the Grand Ole Opry in April 2019, but if she doesn’t she reminds herself of the inspiration she lives by.

“Be yourself and don’t let people change you,” she said. “If you lose, don’t let it make you think you’re a bad singer. You’re competing against people of all ages. It’s the thought that counts.”

Haire wants this quote to inspire others to continue doing what they love and never give up.

She is excited to see that her sister has already started humming, and will one day consider singing as well.

She thanks her parents and grandparents for helping her get to where she is and supporting her in her singing journey.