The dog days of summer are just getting started

Published 3:20 pm Tuesday, June 5, 2018

With the NBA Finals and NHL Stanley Cup Finals heading toward their finish lines, us sports fans are about to enter the long, hot dog days of summer.

Yes, there’s baseball to entertain us, but even the almost daily grind of watching it through the July and August months get to me. Of course, that could be because I’ve been watching mediocre Braves teams the past five years. Atlanta looks like a playoff contender this year, so those games might be a little easier on the eyes.

If you’re watching the NBA Finals, and aren’t a Warriors fan, you’re probably ready to throw your remote through the television screen. LeBron fans across the globe are pulling their hair out in agony. No matter how well he plays, the other guys play that much better. It’s tough being a superstar on a team when your opponent has two of the top three players in the game.

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It’s even tougher when one of those players just chucks the ball up at the 3-point line a dozen times a game and watches it sail through the net. Steph Curry had 33 points

LeBron doesn’t get much help from the other Cavaliers, and you can see on his exhausted face he’s about fed up with carrying the team on his back. I remember LeBron’s big comeback to Cleveland, and how it was the homecoming of the century. But it doesn’t mean anything. If he feels he can win somewhere else, and get paid better to do it, he’s gone. I’m putting my money on the Lakers in the West, and the 76ers in the East.

For those who are tired of seeing the Warriors and the Cavs in the Finals… again… for the fourth year in a row… We have the Stanley Cup Finals.

I understand hockey isn’t exactly a popular regional sport for South Georgia, but for a guy like me who just loves seeing guys get physical in their sport, this one has it all. And as an ironic twist, the two teams playing for it all are the most unlikely in the entire league: the first-year Las Vegas Golden Knights and the never-won-anything-ever Washington Capitals. It makes it a sort of Bizarro NBA, which is why I think  I’m enjoying it so much.

Look, like I said earlier, the dog days of summer have begun. We have about 80 days until college football starts again. I have to get my sports fixes where I can, and there isn’t enough Georgia recruiting news to keep me going that long without a little extra help.