Some different genre music concerts would be good for Bainbridge

Published 4:12 pm Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Is Bainbridge starved for some good music of different genres?

I have heard from two different sources in the last two weeks who believe it is true.

First was when I attended a new event titled Music in the Woods. It is a project taken on by two local couples who had been attending concerts in Tallahassee and decided to bring some of that talent to Bainbridge. “We need some good music concerts here,” said the emcee as he explained how the event came to be.

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The second time I heard it was from Mike Inlow when he was interviewed for the article announcing his new position as director of the Firehouse Arts Center.

There are plenty of country music and rock band appearances, and I am not knocking them, but I do profess a thirst for some different music genres.

When we first moved here in 2003 we were impressed with Artsfest, the annual showcasing of a particular state, its music, arts and culture, all performed free for the public. It included brown bag lunches in Willis park as people gathered to hear performing groups. There were also concerts in the evening, some of which were held in local churches.

Artsfest performers often appeared in local schools to help broaden the education and appreciation of the classics by our young people. The group thrived for several years, or as long as Lynda Todaro took the lead and organized it each year.

As in many other areas, the number of volunteer helpers shrunk and it became increasingly difficult for one person to carry the load.

Inlow has announced it as one of his goals to return some of those Artsfest events to downtown Bainbridge.

We are fortunate to be this close to Florida State University with its first class music program. There is a wealth of talent from which to draw, and as a graduate of FSU, Inlow certainly has the necessary connections.