Kids spend morning with puppet master at local library

Published 4:31 pm Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tuesday morning, The Decatur County- Gilbert H. Gragg Library treated kids of all ages to a puppet show by puppet master Will Keating of Keating Entertainment.

The show featured Keating’s imaginary friend, along with a bird named, Ozzy.

Keating first showed the crowd how they could turn anything into a puppet. He took off his sock and turned it into a Scottish man named Socko. Socko joked Keating about getting sick from being on his foot, with all its fungus and Athlete’s foot. Socko then tried to take Keating’s voice after asking him a series of questions, so he could imitate it perfectly.

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Socko was able to finally steal Keating’s voice, but gave it back so Keating could introduce his imaginary friend, Reggie. Reggie was convinced he could hypnotize Keating. He played a song and told Keating he was getting very sleepy. He then hypnotized Keating into walking into walls, picking him up and putting him down along with various other actions. Reggie was unable to snap Keating back to life, due to having no fingers, so had the kids clap to wake him up.

Keating was unconvinced he was ever hypnotized, but said he did have a headache and “felt like he had hit a wall.”

Keating’s final guest was a purple bird named Ozzy. Although a bird, Ozzy was convinced she was a dog that told others what to do. She called a guest up and had them fetch instead of her. When she tried to do a trick, she failed three times and wanted to give up. Keating told Ozzy never give up, so on her final try she finally landed her trick.

Keating ended the show with some dancing and singing. Everyone is invited back to the library at 10 a.m. next Tuesday for Didgeridoo Down Under, which will be an Austraila-themed show combining music, culture and science.