Welcome to the Royal bloodline

Published 4:54 pm Friday, May 18, 2018

Put on your best dress and fastener because the Royal Wedding is here. I have long been interested in the Royal family. I think it came about when we had to memorize the Tudor Dynasty in high school. I have watched every Lifetime based show on their lives and have personally invested many dollars into collector’s magazines and other trinkets to commemorate the ceremony across the pond.

I remember Kate Middleton’s wedding on television. I woke up to eat my breakfast for school as usual, but had every TV turned to the wedding, so I wouldn’t miss a moment while getting dressed. Kate is an icon in my eyes. She is the younger version of Princess Di, and seems to be a great Queen in the making. The only thing that made her an even bigger star was her real life fairytale wedding.

I watched as she arrived in her horse drawn carriage, and she exited in what had to be the most stunning dress of the decades. It was decadent lace, high neck and long train, all while her equally as beautiful sister, Pippa helped her make it down the aisle.

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While Pippa and Kate were arguably the stars of the show, who could forget the pageboys? They are so cute, and I really think that’s how little ring bearers should dress instead of these miniature suits. They would look so much cuter in their little button up collared shirts, knee high trousers, socks and saddle locks.

While on the subject of English fashion, can we discuss the idea of wearing fasteners to weddings instead of horse races? They add so much character to a look and such an air of elegance to the atmosphere.

Regardless of the fashion, I can only imagine that the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be equally as amazing.

Meghan has struggled in recent weeks with her mounting family drama. Her dad was caught faking pictures for the paparazzi with the help of Megan’s stepsister, after he had a heart attack and gave exclusive interviews about his family. I’m not even royal, but I know that is seriously so inappropriate. Your daughter is about to be heir to the most notable throne in history, and you’re using her life story as a cash cow. Mr. Markle, I’m not in charge of public relations, but you should rethink that before you ruin your relationship with your daughter forever.

Beyond the family drama, Meghan has every reason to be excited. She is marrying the man of her dreams and has every designer vying to make sure her day is perfect. This wedding will create a great boost in the economy with people flying in to get a glimpse of what may be the last royal wedding until Prince George. Not only that, but this wedding will create a surge in media on Saturday, as every movement is being broadcast live.

Meghan Markle may have thought life was glamorous when she was in Hollywood, but the glamour is just beginning in her new life. I can’t wait to watch it begin. She can guarantee I will be tuning in on Saturday morning, wishing I was there and wishing the parcel service didn’t lose my invite in the mail.