Roseborough signs with Andrew College

Published 5:00 pm Friday, May 18, 2018

Wednesday afternoon marked senior, Tytianna Roseborough’s final day of school. As the day drew closer to ending, most of her classmates drove away waving a sign of victory, but Roseborough had one final piece of paper to put her name on- the most important piece of paper.

Roseborough signed her name on a letter of intent to play basketball at Andrew College surrounded by her family, coaches and closest friends.

Roseborough first visited Andrew College last month. She said she knew this was the school for her when the coach started his convincing speech on their program. Roseborough had previously looked into the team and knew how successful they were.

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Roseborough is thankful for her time at BHS and believes her time on the varsity basketball team will have a great effect on how she performs at the next level. She said when her new coach spoke with Coach Kirkland and Coach Pritchett she was excited to see that they agreed on most things and used similar techniques and exercises when out on the court.

Roseborough’s mother, Sarah, shared in her daughter’s excitement, saying her daughter is doing something she has always wanted to do.

“I plan on going to every game,” she said.

Sarah also said she knows her daughter is a one-of-a-kind and won’t give the coach any trouble at all. She knows she will double down and take care of the game. While basketball is important, Sarah is most excited her daughter has the opportunity to further her education at college.

Roseborough ended her signing by encouraging all of her teammates to never give up on their dream. She said everyone has the opportunity to make it to the next level if they just will put in the hard work and extra hours.

Roseborough and her mother believe she can make it to the WNBA if she continues to work hard, which is her ultimate goal.