Five Decatur County cases end in five convictions

Published 4:51 pm Friday, May 18, 2018

The Southwest Georgia Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s office secured five convictions in five different high-profile cases for the court’s May term.

The second week of trial ended Friday.

Jamie Hahn was charged and indicted with five counts of child molestation.  The case was investigated by Inv. Redell Walton with the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office and tried by Senior Assistant District Attorney David Atwell.  Following a two-day trial, the jury found Hahn guilty of all counts.  Superior Court Judge Horkan sentenced Hahn to 40 years, 35 to serve in the state penitentiary. 

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The second trial involved Richard Dixon, who was charged with 11 counts of Aggravated Child Molestation, Aggravated Sexual Battery and Child Molestation. 

The case was investigated by Robert Humphrey of the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office and prosecuted by Chief Assistant District Attorney Mike Bankston. After a three-day trial, the jury found the defendant guilty of all counts. Judge Chason sentenced Dixon to Life in the State Penitentiary, and he must serve at least 25 years before he is eligible for parole.

“Both of these defendants effectively will spend the rest of their lives in prison,” said District Attorney Joe Mulholland. “Given their vile and reprehensible acts against children of our community, this is the best place for them, behind bars, where they can no longer be a threat to any other innocent victims. Unfortunately, there is little evidence that child predators can be rehabilitated, so I am happy our office along with the Court and law enforcement removed their ability to act on their sexual perversions.”

Last week, Robert Ezell was charged by way of indictment with Child Molestation and Cruelty to Children in the 1st Degree. Last Monday morning, Ezell pled guilty to the charges.  He received a sentence of 25 five years, 15 to serve in the State Penitentiary and must register as a sex offender. Ezell brutally beat the child of his girlfriend on at least two occasions. The case was handled by Senior Assistant David Atwell. 

“We were able to revoke four years of his previous probation and run it consecutive to his current sentence which means he will be incarcerated for 19 years, which he deserves,” Mulholland said. “I am thankful to Amy Eakin at our local Child Advocacy Center and the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office for their hard work in making sure this sick and violent predator is put away for close to two decades.”

The second case that was set for trial was Lonnie Baggling, Christopher Baggling and Marq Lewis. Mulholland handled the case. The trio robbed at gunpoint Earnest Lowrey at the local Wal-Mart in Bainbridge while he was in his vehicle. In addition to robbing Lowery, the three also entered several other automobiles.  Just prior to trial, the three pled guilty to Armed Robbery and Entering an Automobile.  They were all sentenced to 30 years, 15 to serve in the State System. 

“I would venture to say that almost everyone in our community has shopped at this Wal-Mart at some point,” Mulholland said. “The fact that these three would not only rob someone but use a firearm in doing so shows how violent they are. Kudos go out to Bainbridge Public Safety for making sure they spend the next decade and a half behind bars.” Mulholland commented.”

The final case to be tried last week was Gary Glass, tried by Chief Assistant Mike Bankston. Glass was charged with Child Molestation. After picking a jury in the matter, Glass decided to plead guilty and received a sentence of 40 years, 10 to serve in the State Penitentiary. 

“Apparently, Glass didn’t like the looks of the excellent jury we were able to impanel and pled,” Mulholland said. “Sexual predators are unfortunately a reality we must deal with.  I thank Cheryl Nix, law enforcement, and the victim and the victim’s family for their courage and hard work.”