Miracle Mother

Published 4:17 pm Friday, May 11, 2018

J.J.’s parents refer to him as their miracle baby. And rightly so.

They say if it weren’t for the amazing work of Dr. Joseph Novak and his staff at Archbold Hospital in Thomasville, neither J.J. nor his mother Brittney would be here to celebrate Mother’s Day this year.

Little J.J. (his full name is Jeremy Lewis Jr.) was born Oct. 24, 2016, when his mother went through her third C Section birth. She and her baby both quit breathing at that time.

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She recalls only how she kept listening for his cry and when she didn’t hear it she just knew he was gone. She said she felt very calm and has no other recollection of the event except in her mind she was begging God, “Please don’t take me away from my kids.”

Her mother was present at the delivery and later told Brittney it was the worst day of her life, as she was convinced both her daughter and grandson had died. She even called her husband to give him the bad news.

In the meantime, the medical staff was performing CPR on the baby and checking the mother’s blood pressure.

Brittney says her doctor told her he had been doing C Section deliveries for 20 years and this was absolutely the worst one he ever had. She had so much scar tissue they had trouble getting the baby out, and her blood pressure dropped dramatically.

Brittney and her husband Jeremy Lewis Sr. moved to Bainbridge from Florida before little J.J. was born. They have three other sons of her own, David, age 11, Justin, age 9, Noah four, with J.J. who will be two in October, it makes for a full house. Never mind that they are also caring for Brittney’s sister’s son who is 14 months old—so close in age to J.J. that Brittney says it is like having twins.

The Post Searchlight is thankful to Jeremy Lewis Sr. for telling us about little J.J. He has entered the little boy in an Internet photo contest called Lullapanda.com. According to Dad Jeremy, the little guy is their miracle baby and that is why they want to do everything in their power to help him win the contest.

They say he is currently in 5th place overall and has first place in the state of Georgia.

“Even if he doesn’t win, he still is and always will be a winner in our hearts,” says Jeremy’s dad.

Brittney said they have no special plans to celebrate Mother’s Day. “We will just all be here. It is hard to do anything else with five boys,” she says with a smile.