More than $2,400 stolen from Bainbridge business

Published 2:29 pm Monday, April 30, 2018

Saturday night at approximately 7 p.m., Coldwell Banker Brock Realty and Clenney Insurance Agency were burglarized. Investigators have a person of interest currently in custody, but are asking for the public’s help.

Bainbridge Public Safety officer, Davina Thomas responded to the call Saturday evening and observed the front glass door was shattered. Once Thomas walked inside, she saw a small brick and believed that to be the object used to break the glass. Thomas called for back up to help clear the building, incase anyone was still lurking.

BPS officer, Joshua Glover arrived on scene and assisted Thomas with clearing the building. They noticed several desk drawers and file cabinets partially opened, along with a closet open and two fireproof safes on the floor. Both of the safes were damaged and missing the key fob and handle. One of the safe’s doors was partially pried open at the top with the safe handle still stuck inside. Thomas also noticed a red metal piece lying next to the safe and observed it to be a piece broken off the fire extinguisher.

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Officers then began working on the opposite side of the office and noticed a teller style glass window was damaged. Officers were informed that the door to that room is always locked, due to financial information being stored there.

After hearing word of the break in, Clenney Insurance employee, Melissa Myrick arrived on scene and informed officers a black fireproof safe was missing. The safe contained more than $2,400 and was locked when Myrick last saw it.

Investigator Chip Nix arrived on scene and began to process. Nix noticed that the suspect beat in the safes and went through the drawers, meaning he was looking for something quick and easy. There were multiple other items the suspect could have gone for, if he was looking to pawn something, but Nix thinks the person was looking for quick cash.

Nix continued to look for information and focused on the brick that was thrown through the window. It was determined the brick was a broken piece of gutter base from the side of Farmers Furniture Building. Nix and Thomas returned to where it had been broken off and saw a set of footprints that led to the south end of the building, where it looked as if something had been drug in the dirt.

That is when Nix and Thomas found the black safe behind a white shed of Mediacom. The keypad was missing and the safe was empty, but they were able to return it to the Clenney Insurance Agency.

Nix was unable to retrieve fingerprints off of the safe because of the texture, but is awaiting video evidence from Dollar General and surrounding businesses.

It was revealed to Nix the break in may have come from ex-employee, Donald Cooper, who was found taking money from Coldwell Banker Brock Realty weeks prior.

Cooper is currently being held with no bond for possession of cocaine, but Nix is reaching out to anyone who may know about Cooper’s whereabouts Saturday night or anyone who believes they may have seen suspicious activity at that hour.

With the amount of recent burglaries and break-ins, Nix is asking people not to be complacent in their travel. Make sure neighbors are keeping out a close eye and that the house and or business is well-secured.