Flint Media announces change of location

Published 4:14 pm Friday, April 6, 2018

When Flint Media first started their radio station and website in 2005, they had no idea how much they would soon grow. After 10 years of being housed in the shopping center, they are moving to the historic Lynch Manufacturing Building on Independent Street.

CEO, Kevin Dowdy and his son, Dustin first looked at the property last August. Dustin said although they had no immediate plans to expand, they saw an opportunity to grow in the future. Flint Media has become an upwardly mobile company, Dustin explained. They have expanded a couple of times since its inception, however they are now out of room in their current location.

They have maxed out their space and there is no room for individual offices, but the new location would offer an efficient space for their operations. The father/son duo plans to rip up the old carpet in the building and replace it, along with give the room a special sound treatment.

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Dustin is most excited about the opportunity to revitalize the building. The building had fallen into disrepair, but Dustin knew how much history it had and wanted to continue on with a Bainbridge legacy.

“I look forward to rewriting history in that building,” he said.

Dustin said he hopes their business is not the first to move into an old industrial building. He would love to see other companies keep the last big proponents of history, while still moving forward in their business ventures.

One business that has already followed Flint Media’s lead is Bull Built Buildings, who will be manufacturing roll off containers and dumpsters across the street. The new manufacturing facility plans to reignite the industrial space that once was.

Dustin said Flint Media still has a little ways to go, but plans to open up in two-three months. One of their first projects will be working on creating an FM dial for Donalsonville. They were granted an authorization from the FCC, but the process on putting in the dial is still in the works.