Michigan got beat, but they helped my bracket

Published 5:20 pm Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The madness is finally over!

Villanova has won the 2018 NCAA National Championship, spanking Michigan up and down the court to the tune of 79-62.

Nova’s lead got so wide at points during the game you could have marched the entire Michigan fan base through it. For all those Wolverine fans, I feel for you. Coming off one of my favorite teams recently losing a Natty, I know the pain. However, I would rather see my team get dominated and outplayed like Nova did Michigan than lose on a final pass play or a buzzer beater.

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For crying out loud, the Wildcats poured in 10 3-pointers, five of which came from sophomore Donte DiVincenzo. Absolutely brutal. Every time Nova made a shot, I though Michigan could get back in it if they could just get a stop.

“Michigan is only down 12.”

Nova hits a 3-pointer.

“Okay, if Michigan can respond with a 3.”

Missed shot, Nova takes it back and drains a 3.

“They’re only down 15, maybe if—“

Michigan turns the ball over, Nova hits a 3.

Was Michigan lucky to be there to begin with? Probably. If it wasn’t for Jordan Poole’s buzzer-beating 3-pointer at the end of the Houston game, we’d likely be looking at Florida State in the Final Four, with Loyola- Chicago possibly beating them to head on to the National Championship.

Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda.

I’m just thrilled my bracket was kept alive thanks entirely to the Wolverines. I watched them whip Purdue in the Big 10 Championship and knew this team could make a run. I was doubted! And I admit, I even doubted myself, but Michigan overcame the odds and made it to the final game.

Because of that, I am the 2018 winner of The Post-Searchlight office bracket challenge. We’ve been doing this for years, and although I have sniffed victory, I’ve never gotten to take a bite out of that sweet, sweet crème brulee.

I would like to thank what little ESPN news I watched to get a vague idea of who to pick, and I would like to thank my gut for calling the shots when my head just couldn’t make a decision.