Lions Club hears of elephant rescue needs

Published 4:39 pm Friday, March 30, 2018

Carol Buckley, founder of Elephant Aid International, who first began an elephant sanctuary in 1995 in Tennessee, is now operating a 850-acre elephant sanctuary near Attapulgus, close to the Florida border.

She brought the Bainbridge Lions Club up-to-date Wednesday on the importance of improving the lives of elephants around the world.

“Elephant Aid International provides education and hands-on assistance to improve the lives of captive-held elephants worldwide,” Buckley said. “Projects include elephant foot care and the creation of chain free elephant facilities.”

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Buckley further pointed out to the Lions that her work is based on respect for elephants and the culture and traditions in the countries where Elephant Aid International personnel work with them.

“We want to improve the conditions for elephants in captivity,” Buckley continued. “We are committed to teaching trainers humane methods of care and providing foot care for captive elephants.”

Buckley said that in spite of a long history of coexistence, elephant and humans in Asia are now competing for limited land and food sources.

“How governments deal with the problem will determine whether elephants have a place in this rapidly developing world and what that place will be,” Buckley explained.

“Elephant Aid International is creating innovative and workable solutions that improve the lives of elephants and the people who are for them. Please join us in that pursuit.”