Another year, another season of filing my taxes

Published 4:57 pm Friday, March 16, 2018

have finally finished organizing our tax information for Year 2017, and assembled it on spreadsheets, ready to take to the CPA.

It is a chore I detest every year. I drag it out as long as I can. Beginning in February my dining table is covered with piles of documents, yellow markers, paper clips, pencils, pens, a couple of calculators, etc. etc. etc.

As my husband is considered self-employed, even though he is with a Realty company, he must keep endless receipts of all his expenses. We have pieces of paper for everything from new computers to little receipts from the post office for stamps. Since he has a home office as well, all records of the house, such as utilities, are necessary and added to the receipts for medical care, prescriptions, etc. etc. etc.

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There are so many decisions on where to place items. For instance, should Mediacom that services the computer be considered business expense, or listed with house utilities? Analyzing these things makes me tired.

I am not a numbers person, as anyone who knows me realizes. Numbers make me dizzy. I do not retain numbers long enough to record them easily. It is very time consuming.  So, how did I inherit this task?

If the new tax bill eliminates my having to keep track of all these contributions, dues, expenses, etc. etc. etc. for the year 2018, I will be ever thankful, I think. Just so the outcome is about the same.