Bainbridge soccer holds Veterans scoreless in first half, loses 2-0

Published 5:08 pm Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Bearcats men’s soccer team welcomed the Veterans Warhawks (8-1-0) to Centennial Field on Friday night, and though the Warhawks brought their #1 ranked offense with them, they didn’t find the easy win they were looking for.

The Warhawks went on the attack right away attempting to break through the Bearcat defense with a slow paced, wide-spread passing game. But the Bearcats defense, team captain Ben Mulkey, Tom Emmons, Andru Matthews and Adam Pascal, and goalie Matt Hall, and joined by midfielders Nix McIntosh and Tristan Brannon, held off the Warhawks with superb play and great communication.

The scoreless first half clearly frustrated the Warhawks. Towards the 30 minute mark the Warhawks became noticeably faster in their attack, and with greater speed came more desperate shots on goal with no effect against the solid Bearcat defense.

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It was only in the second half, in the 47th minute of play, that the Warhawks got their first goal.

Yet again, the offense offered relief to the Bearcat defense in this battle between the two teams. Gino Pallotti, Angel Munoz, Cesar Chiguil and Joe Emmons repeatedly tried to draw the Warhawks midfield back into their own territory, but their efforts only brought  brief moments of relief to the Bearcats defenders.

The Warhawks scored their second and final goal of the game in the 53rd minute. The Bearcats offense were given multiple opportunities in the final few minutes of the game to score but were not successful.

The final score was Veterans 2, Bainbridge 0. On Tuesday the Bearcats travel to Cairo to play the Syrupmakers.