Four-year veterans take on newbies for BBQ competition

Published 4:59 pm Friday, March 9, 2018

It’s anybody’s game at this year’s Flames on the Flint Barbecue Competition.

New to the competition this year is B-S BBQ Outlaws. The team, named after head cook, Bob Stanfiel and friend, Shane is originally from South Dakota.

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Stanfiel said he and wife, Moni, were in the area and decided to join in on the activity.  They have been a barbecue team for the past five years and said they have heard great things about this competition. Tomorrow they are hoping to win.

“We are looking to win,” Bob said. “Whether we win or not is a whole different story.”

The Stanfiels love to cook pork, but they know teams have to be good at cooking all four dishes and have to be consistent.

Facing off against the Stanfiels are four- year veterans, Fat, Drunk and Stupid BBQ Team.

Ron Stephens, Laddy Ratliff and James Evans went to school together in Huntsville, Alabama and knew each other. They decided they wanted a barbecue competition of their own, so they put together a local contest. They borrowed a cooker from a neighbor and before they knew it they placed in a backyard barbecue competition. Since then, they have placed 1st in ribs and are the reserved grand champions of other backyard barbecue competitions.

After drawing money out to cook, the team decided to do it as their full time job. After competing in multiple competitions, the team has come to realize that there are a lot of great competitors out there and that anyone can win. Since their first year at Flames on the Flint, Fat, Drunk and Stupid BBQ has placed in chicken and had their ribs and brisket called out. While they like cooking a little bit of everything, the team believes their chicken and brisket are the strongest.

Although the team has been traveling to Bainbridge for the competition the last four years, they have not changed up their recipe. They said they have stuck with what they usually do.

“Everyone’s stuff is good,” Stephens claims. “You just have to get in front of four good tables.”

The team hopes to hear their name called more than once tomorrow.

Both teams are wising for the best and leaving it all on the grill for judges to decide.