Spring fix me uppers

Published 3:38 pm Friday, March 2, 2018

As all the trees and shrubs burst into bloom, it signals the end of winter in Southwest Georgia.

The warm weather has a way of stimulating us to spruce up our winter-tired houses with some redecorating. There are multiple jobs to be done, but having limited time and money, let’s look at some simple upgrades that make an immediate improvement.

A site on This Old House suggests 50 nifty fix-ups for less than $100. While all are interesting, a couple of them really struck a chord. Both have to do with repainting doors. Take your front entrance up a notch with a fresh coat of paint. Then put the house numbers on it with stick-on vinyl decals that come in a variety of fonts and colors.

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The second door to be given a lift could be the garage door, especially if it is seen from the street. Make it stand out by painting it in an accent color that blends in with the rest of the home exterior.

Is your fencing old and weather beaten? Consider using a penetrating stain in a new color. It not only gives a new clean look, but helps preserve it from wood rot.

Inside the house, try replacing an old, out-of date chandelier with a new and different look. It will make a huge difference in your kitchen or dining room.

If your white kitchen cupboards are looking stained and dingy, consider painting them in a whole new color, such as gray or beige, whatever will go with your countertop, unless you want to replace it too. If necessary, repaint the kitchen, and voila, you have a whole new, clean look.

The same goes for your bathrooms. Create a new color scheme just by changing the shower curtain, bathmats and towels.  If you are really ambitious, try changing out the hardware, lighting and using a different style mirror.

This next tip costs nothing except a little time and creativity. While doing your spring cleaning, try moving the furniture around for a new layout in your living and/or family rooms. It is a perfect time to do deep cleaning behind and under all their former locations. Clean the carpets and dust the walls, baseboards and window trims.

There are many websites with tips on just about any fix up projects. Just take a few minutes to review those that interest you and get inspired to brighten your home.