Boys soccer takes tough loss against Warhawks

Published 4:57 pm Tuesday, February 27, 2018

It was a tough loss against Veterans on Friday night. Traveling to Freedom Field in Warner Robins, the Bearcats men’s soccer team (2-2) came into the game with a solid defensive strategy against one of the highest ranked teams in the state.

The Warhawks (4-1) went into this game with a skillful team dominated by seniors. Playing a wide-spread passing game, the Warhawks went on the offensive right away.

The Bearcats defensive strategy frustrated the Warhawks for the first 25 minutes of play.  The Bearcat defenders, Team Captain Ben Mulkey, Tom Emmons, Andru Matthews and Adam Pascal, along with goalie Jonathan Pyles, were joined by midfielders Nix McIntosh and Kendall Glover. The defensive strategy swamped the Warhawks offense and held the Warhawks to only close-in shots on goal in the first half, two of which scored.

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Playing support to the defense in this game, forwards Joey Mathis, Gino Pallotti and Angel Munoz, along with midfielder Cesar Chiguil, were able to make a few plays down field and draw the Warhawk midfield back into their own territory. But the odds were clearly in favor of the Warhawks before this game even began, and physical endurance became the final determining factor.

Playing their hearts out, the Bearcats held the Warhawks to a score of 2-0 in the first half. Stopping shot after shot, Jonathan Pyles was masterful in goal. Unfortunately, physical endurance was the watch word of the day, and even though the Bearcats played the entire 80 minute game mentally and never quit, the physical superiority of the Warhawks determined the final outcome of the game.

Scoring another 5 goals in the second half, the Warhawks cemented their reputation as one of the finest soccer programs in the state. In support of the Bearcats efforts in this game were Holden White, Stokes Moore and Joe Emmons, playing relief for the forward line. Holden White had multiple offensive plays that brought great excitement to the Warhawks defensive line.

Coach Rick Lewis said, “I’m proud of the boys efforts. We had several players really step up and fill some holes off the bench. I feel the team came together tonight, I hate that the final score was not indicative of the game they played.”

The Bearcats travel to Thomas County on Tuesday followed by a home game against Harris County at Centennial Field on Friday night.