Mike Conder announces his candidacy for Board of Education District 4

Published 4:34 pm Monday, February 26, 2018

Bainbridge resident and businessman, Mike Conder, announced his candidacy for the Decatur County Board of Education District 4 seat today. Dr. Sydney Cochran is vacating the seat.

Mr. Conder is a longtime Bainbridge resident and has been involved with several local business ventures. Currently, Conder serves as a Senior Vice President of User Experience with ScholarChip Card, LLC a company that provides technology solutions to the Education Industry.

Mr. Conder holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University and is a strong proponent of the Public Education System. Conder’s wife, Hildy, is a teacher with the Decatur County Board of Education and all three of his children have attended public schools in Decatur County.

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“Bainbridge has given so much to me and my family,” Conder said. “Both of my girls graduated from Bainbridge High School, where they received an outstanding education that prepared them well for college. My son Michael is a freshman at BHS and plays baseball and football. My wife Hildy teaches in the system. I feel that I understand the needs of our community and I think I am prepared to help move our system forward. We have an excellent school system with top quality administrators and teachers. I want to make sure that our system has all of the tools and resources necessary to provide each student with the opportunity to excel.”

Conder added, “I want to express my personal gratitude to Dr. Cochran for his many years of dedicated service to our school system. Dr. Cochran has been an inspiration to me and my family and I hope that I can continue his good work”.