Local woman joins ministry to change neighborhood reputation

Published 4:23 pm Friday, February 23, 2018

Southwest Baptist Church member, Stephanie Sorrelle, has been hard at work with Castnet Ministries to change the reputation of an area previously known as “Mobil City.”

Mobil City was known for its drug activity, violence and broken home life, but Sorrelle set out to change that when she became property manager. She used her manager position as an outlet to share the ministry of the Bible to local residents and give them the love and attention they deserve.

Sorrelle spends three to four days a week out there and she said every time before she leaves she gives the children a big hug and kiss on the forehead. She always makes sure to tell them she loves them. She worries some of the people out there may have grown up in a way where they don’t know what it’s truly like to have someone really love them. She aims to be God’s hands and feet for those who have yet to experience that type of love.

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In order to help kids understand more about God’s love, Sorrelle got her CDL so she can drive the church van. She picks up the kids on Sunday mornings and takes them to church with her. She wants them to see there’s more to life than what goes on in their neighborhood. She wants them to trust in God and be a witness to them.

Once a month, she has surrounding churches do a block party that teaches the families how to lead a righteous life. Most of the parties focus on children’s ministries but on March 17, they will be doing a more hands-on approach with the adults.

Sorrelle said during the holidays they had a number of volunteers, who wished to be part of the project, but it has since died down. She hopes other churches will help her share the message and establish a Saturday Bible Club for kids and adults to join.

If any church or group of individuals would like to help minister or be a part of neighboring children’s lives they are asked to contact Sorrelle.