Bearcats soccer loses intense region game against Demons, bounces back for win over Berrien County

Published 3:46 pm Friday, February 23, 2018

The Bearcats men’s soccer team played two games this past week.

Traveling first to Warner Robins for their first Region game against the Demons, spectators described it as one of the most intense games they had ever witnessed.

The Bearcats took an early lead and dominated the first half of play. The Bearcat offense including Joey Mathis, Gino Pallotti, Angel Munoz, Joe Emmons, Nix McIntosh and Cesar Chiguil took shot after shot on the Demons goal. But the first score of the game came from Bearcat Kendall Glover in the 13th minute of play off a pass from midfielder Angel Munoz.

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Midfielder Gino Pallotti then scored 3 minutes later off a pass from Nix McIntosh. Gino Pallotti then scored again mere seconds later at the next kickoff taking the score to 3-0.

Holding off the Demons offense were Bearcat Captain Ben Mulkey, Tom Emmons, Andru Matthews and Adam Pascal with goalie Jonathan Pyles.

But the Demons came back in the 30th minute of play with a goal of their own and after 40 minutes of play at halftime the score was 3-1.

Unfortunately the Bearcats had reached the high point of their night and the Demons scored in the 60th minute of play and then again with just minutes to go, the Demons tied it up 3-3.

Overtime consists of another five minutes of play, with a second five minute period if there’s no score. After the first 5 minute overtime period the score remained 3-3. The second 5 minute overtime period had no change as well. This game would be decided on penalty kicks. Choosing 5 to a side, the Bearcats put forward Gino Pallotti, Angel Munoz, Cesar Chiguil, Nix McIntosh and Joey Mathis.

Shooting alternately against each other, the first two Bearcats and the first Demon missed. The first score came from the Demons in the second round of kicks, which was then matched by Bearcat Cesar Chiguil in the 3rd round taking the score to 5-4 Demons.

Another round of penalty kicks again resulted in no point in either side. Joey Mathis kicked again in the 5th round and scored, tying the score yet again at 5-5. But the Demons had one final opportunity and unfortunately on the very last kick of the game the Demons scored, winning this first regional game 6-5.

Berrien County’s Rebels travelled to Bainbridge on Tuesday night to play the Bearcats at Centennial Field. Coming off that hard loss just days before against Warner Robins, the Bearcats  and Rebels were evenly matched. The Bearcat offense again consisted  of Joey Mathis, Gino Pallotti, Angel Munoz, Joe Emmons, Nix McIntosh and Cesar Chiguil. After 39 minutes of scoreless play, the Rebels scored the first goal of the game with just 13 seconds to go in the first half.

But just three minutes into the second half Joey Mathis scored with a hard drive into the Rebels goal.

In the 69th minute of play midfielder Nix McIntosh scored on a corner kick delivered by the incomparable Cesar Chiguil.

The Bearcats sealed the win on this game in the 75th minute of play when Joey Mathis scored after receiving a throw in from defender Kendall Glover.

The defense in this game was exceptional. Led by Team Captain Ben Mulkey, Tom Emmons Andru Matthews and Adam Pascal held off the Rebel onslaught for the full 80 minutes of play.

Supporting the Bearcats with additional great plays in this game were Bearcats Stokes Moore, Tristan Brannon, Holden White, Robert Hayes, Collin Morrison and Logan Holley.

The Bearcats travel to Veterans on Friday night for their next Region game.