Not sure if I’m happy the Eagles won, but I am glad New England lost

Published 4:23 pm Tuesday, February 6, 2018

was completely wrong about Nick Foles.

I only watched the end of Super Bowl LII Sunday night, but looking at the highlights and Foles’ stat line, it was clear he had a game for the ages.

The backup-turned-savior kept the season chugging along like nothing happened when Carson Wentz got hurt against the Rams in Week 14. You can’t even say he turned everything around, or got worse. If anything, he made the team better.

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I have said a couple times before that Foles didn’t have the ability to do what he’s obviously proven he can do. I was not alone in my comments, and as if to squash all the naysayers in one four-hour swoop, he lit up the scoreboard in every way possible.

He threw through tight windows like I’ve seen only the likes of Aaron Rodgers do. He caught a touchdown pass on a legendary play call from coach Doug Pederson. He kept a certain poise that made me wonder if he even understood the magnitude of the game he was playing in. Almost like a blissful, calm ignorance. Whatever he was, it was magnificent.

Goodness, was I wrong.

I had trouble deciding if I wanted Philly or New England to win this one. The Falcons fan in me wants to see the Patriots lose every game until the end of time. Then again, I can’t say I’m too fond of Philadelphia sports, either, to be put it nicely. In the end, I think the team that deserved it the most came out on top. That doesn’t mean I have to like the Eagles, but as a professional storyteller, I can say the journey they’ve been through this season could only conclude with a Lombardi Trophy.

If none of that is your cup of tea, at the very least, we have entertaining videos of Philadelphians demolishing their city to celebrate the team’s first ever Super Bowl win. People are flipping cars, tearing down light poles, bouncing on the Ritz Carlton awning and a whole lot more. There’s plenty of footage around the web of the jaw-dropping mayhem those crazy fans are engaging in.

With every Super Bowl, the end of the night means football season is officially over. At least National Signing Day comes Wednesday, and spring practice in April, and then the long drought of the summer until September. It can’t get here soon enough.