Cougars and Lady Cougars take homecoming night by storm

Published 4:31 pm Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Grace Christian Academy Cougars and Lady Cougars dominated the court Friday night at their homecoming game against Byne.

The Cougars’ Jones was on fire, scoring 31 points for his team. He made 15 two-pointers and went one-for-two at the free throw line. In addition to scoring, Jones made one offensive rebound, three defensive rebounds and one steal.

Jones couldn’t have done this without the help of his teammate, Sam McRae, who scored 16 points in the game. McRae scored five two-pointers and went two-for-seven on three-pointers. He made defensive rebounds for his team and two steals.

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With the help of their teammates, the Cougars were able to keep a lead the entire night against Byne. In the first period, they held 15-4, while Byne made a comeback in the second period scoring 13-14. After halftime, the Cougars wanted to up the lead, scoring 20 in period three and 17 in period four. Byne was unable to keep up, only scoring 14 in period three and 10 in period four, making the final score 66-41.

The Lady Cougars also had a great game Friday night, winning against Byne 56-28, with Andrews and Wells scoring 10 points a piece for the team. Both women scored 40% of their two pointers, and Andrews scored 40% of her three pointers. Wells went 2 for 8 at the free throw line. Andrews had two steals and one offensive rebound, while Wells had one offensive rebound, one defensive rebound and two steals.  Byne was leading in the first period with 14 points, while GCA had 9. GCA came back strong in period two, scoring 11 points- not giving up a single point to Byne. After halftime, GCA continued to play hard scoring 21 points in the third and 15 points in the fourth. Byne scored 14 points in the third, but GCA kept a hold on them in the fourth, not giving up any points again.

Other key players that night were Warr and Woodrum, who both scored seven points. Warr scored one three-pointer and two two-pointers. Woodrum matched Warr with a three-pointer and two two-pointers. Warr had one steal, while Woodrum held her own, and made four steals for the team.