A recommendation from Jill’s personal library

Published 4:04 pm Friday, January 12, 2018

used to be an avid reader; every Christmas I would pick out a new book series to begin and usually finish them by the end of break. When I read, I feel like the words come to life and a movie begins to play in my head.

My favorite middle school series was The Clique by Lisi Harrison. I read every book available to me. I read the prequel, the series, and then the special series about each character that came with their lip-gloss flavor they were known for wearing. I highly encourage every parent to check these books out from the library and give them to their daughter. I promise they are not a chore to read.

I love books that have a character I relate to; in The Clique it was Claire. She was new to the clique and always just wanted to impress the other popular girls. I was that girl in middle school. I transferred to a new school and just wanted to fit in and be popular. While the popular girls weren’t exactly accepting of me, I still found my way somehow.

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I grew a little older and became very interested in the Gossip Girl book series and loved the show. It’s basically The Clique, but older girls and wilder. The books are extremely different from the show but both are great. I could watch the show a million times, and reread the books again too.

When I went to college, books became a little less popular, but that’s when the dystopian young adult genre appeared. I was engrossed in the Hunger Games trilogy. I am embarrassed to admit I dressed up as Katniss for the premiere movie. It’s impossible to really “relate” to a character who’s essentially your age, fighting and killing other people, so they can go home alive; I’ve never dealt with that. However, Peeta was someone I really felt for. He liked Katniss and she wouldn’t give him the time of day. That is me, and still is me. He would do anything for her, and she would do things for him, only if it had something in return for her.  I often feel people do things for me, only because they need a favor. In that sense, Peeta and I relate.

The Divergent trilogy was my latest dystopian read, until this past Tuesday, when I received Only Ever Yours by Louise O’ Neill.

I had read about this book on Amazon, and looked high and low for it. Books- A-Million didn’t have and neither did Barnes and Noble. I bit the bullet and ordered it online.

The book focuses on one main girl, Frieda, who you can guess by my previous reads is the friend to an extremely popular girl, whom she wants to be like. She lives in a future world, where the girls are Eves and are trained how to be companions to men and bear male inheritants. They never come in contact with men, until they are 16, when they are chosen to be a companion, concubine, or chastity. Frieda assumes her popular friend, Isabelle will be chosen by the most handsome Inheritant, unlike herself. She’s unsure where her future lies.

This is possibly one of my favorite books yet. I can’t tell you how intriguing it is. I can’t put it down, and all I want to do is be a fly on the wall inside this all girl’s school. I will say although it’s futuristic, the women return to domestic housewives, nothing more. If that is offensive, probably not the best for you, but still you should try it. I’ll keep you updated on my next read. Let me know if you have recommendations.