Chamber works to develop and train future workforce

Published 5:05 pm Friday, January 5, 2018

Wednesday afternoon Bainbridge-Decatur County Chamber of Commerce worked with the First Port City Youth Leadership class to help develop and train the future workforce. The class focused on written first impressions and interview training.

Adrienne Harrison of the Chamber of Commerce and youth leadership chairman, Dana Bryant stressed the importance of first impressions, whether it be on their resume, application, or during the interview.

Harrison and Bryant did mock interviews with the class based on their resume and application and explained how they would have responded when prompted by various questions. They gave real examples of what happened in interviews they had conducted over the years, and allowed the class to practice interviewing each other.

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Harrison explained to the class that the impression begins when they first go to pick up a job application. They need to be professional in dress and always let someone proofread their resume.

Bryant and Harrison developed this specific topic to cover in the youth leadership class because they felt like it was something lacking. They both have experience in hiring and feel like the youth should know how the process works.

After working on their resumes and interview skills, Harrison then taught the class how to write a thank you letter to follow up the interview.

If nothing else, there are two things Harrison hopes the youth take away from the class. She hopes they will remember to always be professional in dress and wording. Most importantly she wants them to remember this key factor.

“Always be yourself,” she said. “You’re selling yourself; you have something no one else has and that’s your personality and your experience.”

Harrison believes the youth truly gained something from this class and that Bainbridge now has 30 young people who are potentially interested in after school jobs and getting involved in the community.

“Not only are they interested, but they are well-equipped”, she finished.