Decatur County Prison inmate escapes with help from fiance, apprehended

Published 4:08 pm Friday, December 8, 2017

Thursday afternoon Decatur County Sheriff’s Office was notified after inmate Tyler Brook, 21, escaped with the help of his fiancé, Angel Griffith. The duo was arrested not long after the incident with escape and aiding and abetting escape.

Brook was completing his detail work at the county fire station when he wandered towards the airport.

Airport employee, Jerry Tate noticed Brook not with the rest of the inmates and became suspicious. Before Tate could react, a van drove in front of the airport and Brook hopped in.

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Warden Gordon Screen was contacted. When Screen arrived, the van was turning around and returned to the airport.

Brook told Warden Screen that his fiancé drove from Jones County, Gray, Georgia to have sex with him after he contacted her.

Warden Screen explained to Brook any time he gets in a personal vehicle without permission from his supervisor it is felony escape.

Brook will be required to attend a bond hearing tomorrow, where he will be booked and transferred to a state prison. Depending on the court, Brook will serve an additional 1-10 years because of his escape attempt.

Griffith was also charged and will spend time in prison for aiding Brook in his escape.

Warden Screen reminds everyone to keep their eyes and ears open.

“If you notice an inmate not at their worksite or with the rest of their crew, call 911 immediately,” Warden Screen said.

He explains 911 can react quickly and will contact the jail from the original call to be on alert too.