Live Christmas tree vs. artificial tree: the benefits of both

Published 4:08 pm Friday, November 24, 2017

If you haven’t already picked out a Christmas tree, I’m sure it’s on your To-Do list for this next week.

Of course, there are others who have had their tree picked out for years. It sits folded up in dry storage, ready to be pulled out and straightened up for another season of lights and ornaments.

There are pros and cons to both live and artificial Christmas trees.

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Artificial tree benefits

You never have to leave your house to buy the tree. When it’s time, you just get to pull it out and get to decorating. No need to worry about getting to the sales lot before all the good ones are picked.

No upkeep, no problem. Artificial trees don’t need water. Nothing is worse than coming home one day to notice your tree is starting to brown a little bit. Yep, you forgot to do the one thing that keeps it alive. But that’s easy to forget when there’s a million other things to worry about during the holidays.

Keep a little money in your pocket down the stretch. A good live tree can cost up to $100 or more, and that’s every year. An artificial tree is a one-time payment and it gets to be enjoyed for years.

Live tree benefits

The smell. I really don’t need to say more. Nothing is more refreshing than a blast of pine during the holiday season. When you can get it naturally straight from the source, you won’t need a Febreeze spray can all month long.

Every tree has character. Artificial trees can be slightly cookie-cutter in their shape, leaning too much on the look of an “ideal” tree. Live trees are much more unique, and you can choose exactly what you want. Fat, skinny, short, tall or a combination. You can leave the cookie-cutters for the gingerbread men with a live tree.

Live trees spur the rural economy of your region. For every live tree you buy, someone had to plant the seeds and grow it from a small sapling to the majestic Christmas tree you’re bringing home. That costs a farmer money, time and resources. Buying a live tree keeps him paid and encourages another generation to grow them for our holiday enjoyment.

I’ve personally always enjoyed live trees, but this year I might actually pick up an artificial tree to avoid the mess.