Elementary school students get inside look at how the body works

Published 3:42 pm Tuesday, November 21, 2017

HealthMPowers recently partnered with John Johnson Elementary and Elcan King to help improve student health knowledge and transform the environment where students live learn and play.

The students were able to walk through different areas of the body to learn about them and how to care for them. Clockwise from above: Students learn about the food pyramid and what foods to avoid in order to stay healthy and fit.

The kids learn about the kidneys and gallbladder and are able to touch replicas on the kidney to see what they are like. The students are taught about calcium along with bones.

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They learned how calcium strengthens your teeth and bones, and the importance of drinking milk. 

The BHS students who volunteered to help with the Body Walk pose in front of the tent they put together. The students learn about muscles and are excited to see all of the arm muscles on display. They last learn about the lungs, where she sits a jar of the toxins that come from smoking for the kids to see, so they will know. 

The school hopes to continue thier relationship with HealthMPowers as is it a fun learning environment for the kids and doesn’t take away valuable class time. Students can learn more at healthmpowers.org