Level Up and Tennis Academy team up with Decatur County Humane Society

Published 4:19 pm Friday, November 17, 2017

Level Up Education and Tennis Academy has two sessions each week, with approximately 80 kids in attendance, to learn and explore not only the game of tennis, but to learn about the city in which they live.  Good citizenship, nutrition, public speaking, number games and geography are just a few of the things that the children learn about.  On the court tennis exposure by a pro tennis player and assistants teach the children the basic steps in learning the game of tennis.

As a part of our education, during the month of October the Decatur County Human Society joined us in educating the students on how to be a responsible pet owner. Ms. Dennie Nichols taught them what responsibilities come with having a pet and how to care for one. In return for the Humane Society sharing with us, the students made blankets for the animals of the shelter for the cold winter months ahead.

This is one of many activities that Level Up will do to teach the children how to give back to the community in which they live. 

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