A Saturday of pain for two (former) Top 4 football teams

Published 5:24 pm Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Chaos had its way with college football this weekend.

Two of the top four teams met their match. The Georgia Bulldogs ran into the buzz saw that is Auburn, and Miami proved the U is indeed “back” as they routed Notre Dame.

Georgia was 9-0 and No. 1 in the College Football Playoff rankings. They looked anything but. The Tigers ran the ball at will, banging out first down after first down and finding every gap in the Dawgs’ defense. When a Georgia defender was actually there to make a tackle, he was shaken off. It looked like Auburn’s players were ghosts, with Georgia players leaping to stop them and going straight through their bodies.

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Apart from a solid first drive that ended with 7 points, the Bulldogs couldn’t move the ball an inch. The stubbornness to run the ball against a defense that was determined to stop it made for a frustrating game. The philosophy of “wear them down and eventually we’ll break one” doesn’t work when Auburn is up by three scores.

Plain and simple, Georgia got waxed by a better team. It pains me to say it, but you can’t argue with that performance. The Dawgs got exposed—big time.

I love my Dawgs, and I hope they find a way to finish 11-1 going into the SEC Championship. With the way Auburn is rolling, I wouldn’t be surprised if Georgia saw them again there.

About 650 miles south of Auburn, Miami humiliated Notre Dame. I never saw this one coming. In fact, I absolutely expected the roles to be reversed and Mark Richt blow the biggest game of the season yet.

I’ve watched Richt coach for 15 years at Georgia. He would win a few, but never did he blow out teams this badly on a national stage. I’m very, very happy for him, and I hope he wins the ACC undefeated.

Perhaps more so than my shock at Miami’s win, I just can’t believe how badly Notre Dame dropped the ball. I thought (and still think) the Fighting Irish are a good team this year, but I didn’t expect them to turn the ball over like they did. I guess the Hurricanes will do whatever they can to wear that “turnover” chain.

If Georgia can get it together after such a brutal loss—and I think they will—and Miami keeps rolling, the Dawgs and the Canes might meet sooner rather than later, in a playoff game or a bowl game.