Championships are for the student section

Published 2:56 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My senior year of high school our football team was in the state championship. It was always the week before Thanksgiving, and right when my dad’s family would come into town to celebrate early Thanksgiving. I told my parent’s that year that I had to miss the Friday night activities, because something more important was happening.

The Friday of the game all the senior girls wore the boy’s practice jerseys, of course my player forgot his, so I was without one, but in the big scheme of things it didn’t matter. We were going to state!

I got to the game and headed to the student section. We had our own set of bleachers and the cheerleaders decided to stand in our section that night because it was the last game, and everyone was pumped. John Evans was our crowd leader; he brought a boom box to play in the student section, so when we won we could play “na na na, na na na…. goodbye.” I’ve been to tons of football games throughout my high school and college career, but I’ll never forget the student atmosphere that night. We played Jump around and had the section making so much noise; the cheerleaders would let us yell out of their megaphones, and for once all the underclassmen let us stand at the fence.

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During halftime, we blared, “All I do is win” and we were doing our hands up and down. After half time, it became obvious the Knights would be state champions that year.

I remember so clearly the last minute of the game. We played the goodbye song, and the last one-second of the game we all jumped the fence and stormed the field. John Evans put on “We are the champions” and we took pictures. We took group shots; we took one of all the boys, the seniors, the football seniors and the football cheerleaders.

It’s hard to believe that was five years ago, and now BHS is on it’s way to experiencing this firsthand.

It’ll seem like a scene out of a movie if you win your senior year, but luckily it’s real life and it’s a memory you get to keep forever, and if you’re lucky your college team can be champions too; that way you get to experience the same excitement on a whole other level.