A good man lost, but certainly never forgotten

Published 5:17 pm Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Dependable. Humble. Loyal. Kind. Gentle.

Those attributes are just a few that would apply to Hubert Moore. If you ever knew Hubert, or had any dealings with Hubert, you know that list of positive attributes would take up most of this page.

Hubert had long worked for The Post-Searchlight when I came to work at the newspaper in 2008. It didn’t take long for me to realize that whatever duties for which Hubert was responsible, I could mark those off my list, not worry about how and if they would be done. It was guaranteed they would be done and done correctly. That’s the way Hubert operated. Steady and dependable. Always there.

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It will be odd and sad not seeing Hubert’s little red truck parked under the Oak tree. Not getting the nod and hello during the day as Hubert rushed off to make another delivery or check on one of our delivery trucks. I am sad that I will not hear “Is it hot enough for you, Jeff?” another time.

The staff at The Post-Searchlight will not have Hubert around.

But most importantly, his wife, grandchildren, sisters, cousins, and all his other family members will not have Hubert around.

Hubert lost his life last week in a senseless act of violence by three cowards. I will not mention those cowards again because the justice system will deal with their acts. The great work by Bainbridge Public Safety, particularly Mark Esquivel, Larry Funderburke, Chip Nix, and Chris Avery, made sure of that. Thank you.

Hubert touched many lives in the 67 years in Bainbridge. I have had dozens of calls, texts, and emails from people of all walks of life, all different positions, and all different occupations. As reserved and, at times, shy as Hubert was, he sure did have lots of fans.

A common denominator of all those fans is this fact, Hubert was a good man. In my mind, that’s about as high of a compliment that you can get. He was a good man.

But the calls and texts haven’t been reserved for Bainbridge, they have come from all over the state and region. During the course of Hubert’s work here, he made lots of friends in the surrounding areas. For many of our printing customers, Hubert was the face of The Post-Searchlight. He delivered the finished product to them and became great friends.

During the lovely service on Monday as many people honored Hubert’s life, a bible verse on the back of the memorial program sums Hubert up perfectly. A friend loveth at all times…from Proverbs 17:17. Hubert was a friend that loved and was simply a good man.

We will all miss him tremendously. Please pray for his widow Sandra and the entire family.