Students join hands on Centennial Field for Fields of Faith

Published 3:32 pm Friday, October 20, 2017

Wednesday evening the reigning Miss Georgia, Alyssa Beasley joined Fellowship of Christian Athletes and various youth groups for a night of praise, worship and testimony at the annual Field of Faith event.

In 2002, Oklahoma FCA area director, Jeff Martin prayed about what to do with his heartfelt frustration regarding the temptations and spiritual battles facing the “spectator generation” youth. God eventually led Martin to 2 Chronicles 34 for the answer. In the verse, King Josiah, an influential teenager gathered his people and challenged them to read God’s word. Josiah’s story gave Martin a vision for Fields of Faith.

On the second Wednesday of October, students gather on their school’s athletic field to hear fellow student’s share their testimonies, challenge each other to read the Bible and come to faith in Jesus Christ.

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Camry Fillingame was the first to give her testimony. As a child, she was one of eight children and was homeless for a long time. She felt full of tears and frustration and could not forgive her parents for the mistakes they made. As she became older, she learned the power of forgiveness, even when she learned biological mother gave away one of her siblings. She feels blessed God pulled her out of the situation and has since been adopted and gets to live with her five other siblings. Fillingame said she never would have thought that she would be standing on the stage Wednesday night. She never expected to go from being homeless, to living the full life she lives now. She reminded everyone to always put his or her trust in God and believe that He will control any situation. She also reminded everyone that no matter the sin to forgive and not let Satan put ugly thoughts in their minds, even if the person has done them wrong.

Others spoke about their favorite Bible verse: John 15:4.

“Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.”

They spoke on the importance on how no one can do anything without God. If people put their faith in Him, He will show them the light and bring them out of the darkness.

The final testimony came from Beasley.  She asked if anyone had ever questioned why something was happening or why God had placed an obstacle in his or her life. From a very early age, Beasley was devoted to gymnastics. During middle school, she decided she wanted to be a UGA Gymdawg. Through training, she tore her hamstring and it took her away from her dreams. She questioned what she wanted to do and why this happened.

Through her injury she discovered she was good at choreography and teaching dance. She was able to work through therapy and immerse herself in the dance program.

Going into her senior year of high school, she was participating in a weeklong intensive dance camp in New York City. During the final day of camp, Beasley’s leg started hurting. She lied down hoping the pain would go away, but woke up the next morning unable to get out of bed. She returned home to find she had retore her hamstring and fractured her femur. Beasley said she was devastated and questioned the circumstance of what she did to deserve this.

During her senior of high school, Beasley was given an open door. She decided to enter a pageant to get her mind off her injuries, and she won; giving her the opportunity to compete at Miss Georgia.

Her first year at Miss Georgia she placed second, and met people who inspired her to dive deeper into her platform #Riseupforthearts. She decided to compete again the next year, and won the title of Miss Georgia on June 17th. Beasley said she never expected to be here or compete in Miss America, but this is what God had in store for her.

“The Lord had a totally different plan for me,” Beasley said. “I’m forever grateful for that.”

The speeches ended with Hutto Middle School basketball coach, Mrs. Joiner, explaining that everyone needs a timeout sometimes. Everyone needs a time to renew and restart his or her journey with God, and that’s okay because life is confusing and frustrating, but God understands that and is happy to renew His journey with everyone.

All the participants joined in hands around the football field as the praise band sang one last time and everyone prayed.