Fingers are crossed for a throwback Fall Classic between the Dodgers and Yankees

Published 4:19 pm Friday, October 13, 2017

I’m hoping for a throwback Fall Classic this year: Dodgers vs. Yankees.

After knocking down the Twins in a Wild Card game and finishing a wild ALDS series against the Indians, I see the Yankees handling business against a pretty darn good Astros team to get to the World Series.

I’m not a big Yankees fan, but I know lots of folks in Bainbridge who are. One of The Post-Searchlight’s carriers, Curtis, has been a New York fan his whole life. His obvious bias aside, he and I both agreed the Yankees are trending up so quickly, it will be hard to bring them down.

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Their bullpen is deep, their hitters can slam homeruns but also move runners around the bases with small ball, and they want to win to save manager Joe Girardi’s job. He’s been on a seat that’s gotten warmer and cooler then warmer again all season. If the Yankees keep winning, he stays. The players love him. They’re fighting for him.

Not to mention this young, trendy New York team has the same family-vibe we got from the Cubs the past few seasons. That goes a long way toward clicking on a playing field and winning games.

Speaking of the Cubs… Yikes. Game 5 of the NLDS against the Washington Nationals was an ugly game to watch. It’ll put it like this: that game was like watching two people spin around as fast as they can a hundred times, then they try to run a 100-meter dash. Stumbling, tripping, falling all along the way. The Cubs just happened to not lose.

Chicago will have to get its act together on the bump if they want to beat the Dodgers, who by the way, want to win this series more than anything. Nobody gets to this point in the post season because they aren’t a good team that wants to win, but the Dodgers are sick and tired of losing before they get to the World Series. If it comes down to who is pitching better, you better believe the Dodgers will take that.

I’m calling the Dodgers in five in the NLCS and the Yankees in seven in the ALCS.

There have been 11 World Series showdowns between the Dodgers and the Yankees. The Yankees hoisted that gorgeous trophy eight of those times. Will the Dodgers get a little closer to evening that record, or will the Yankees remind everyone who the big brother is?

Can’t wait to see.