A true Taylor Swift fan

Published 4:13 pm Friday, October 13, 2017

The world moves on, another day, another drama drama but not for me, not for me, all I think about is Taylor Swift.

As, I’m sure everyone is by now aware Taylor Swift has released a new single “Look what you made me do,” but as with everything Swift does people believe she has some hidden agenda.

I have been a Taylor Swift fan ever since she started off with Teardrops on my Guitar. I had her autographed picture pinned on my bulletin board in my room, I had her karaoke c.d. and I had her collector’s magazine. My senior year of high school my best friend, sister, her friends and I took off a day of school and went to see Taylor Swift’s RED tour in Atlanta at the Phillips Arena. I took all my money from working at the concession stand and bought cowgirl boots and a country chic top just in case she spotted me. In the words of our president, I was a HUGE FAN.

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This song is no different for me. Taylor has definitely changed her tune, she’s no longer singing about the boy next door while wearing a t-shirt, she is now sitting on a throne pushing boys around while a snake serves her tea.

I don’t understand the big deal everyone is making about her changing her image; don’t artists do that all the time? For instance, if Gwen Stefani had always stuck to her No Doubt image, we would never have the song “Hollaback Girl” or “Cool.”

Maybe people don’t like her because we are all still caught up in that VMA scandal from like 2008 when Kanye West said Beyonce was the best of all times. Taylor has repeatedly told everyone “she never asked to be a part of this narrative,” but I think secretly it brought her more fame than she could ever ask for. I mean there’s no harm in admitting that it’s not what she wanted, but it’s what she got.

But, in her latest song she pokes fun at her old self, the girl she was when that happened. Doesn’t that at least deserve some respect? Sometimes, it takes a lot to admit you were wrong. She admitted she was wrong and kind of crazy about the whole thing to a national audience.

So, the point is we forgive all these other celebrities for their crazy antics AKA Brittney shaving her head and we can forgive Taylor for her past and just enjoy her songs now. She didn’t intentionally release the song on the day of Kanye West’s mother’s death. She’s a girl with Southern hospitality, who somehow gets walked on a lot and when she tries to defend herself it always comes off not as intended.

I’m a Tswift fan through and through, and I hope you can find it in your heart to love her as much as I do.