McDowell seeks to be community servant on City Council

Published 5:25 pm Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bainbridge has always been home to Derik McDowell.

As a community volunteer, coach and father, McDowell has helped influence a new generation just like older generations have influenced him. Observing leaders such as Luther Conyers, the late Joe L. Sweet and Kregg Close inspired him to run for City Council District 4, Seat 2.

“I would have talks with Rev. Sweet, and I told him if ever the time came that he could no longer served as city councilman, I would want to take the torch and lead,” McDowell said.

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Now that the opportunity has risen, McDowell’s goal is to seize it.

“I would be honored to serve as District 4, Seat 2 city councilman, in my hometown of Bainbridge, Georgia, where I have raised my children,” McDowell said.

Part of McDowell’s main agenda is to meet with the community, listen and discuss their concerns, he said. He would like to find ways to utilize resources to improve and create more opportunities for citizens.

The ultimate goal is to maintain a safe, healthy and strong community.

If elected, McDowell, 45, said he would join a superior team of councilmen and councilwomen as leaders to assure the continued success of providing quality services to our city.

“I want to see where we are as a district and as a whole,” McDowell said. “Also see where we’re heading. I will be dedicated to the needs for improving and inspiring positive growth.”

McDowell said he wants to keep and “open door” policy for the residents. If elected, he will be of service and act as someone the residents can depend on to represent them in achieving goals, “for a working Bainbridge and a promising future,” he said.