BSC Creative Arts Journal submissions now open

Published 5:22 pm Tuesday, October 10, 2017

By Susanne Reynolds

Bainbridge State College’s Creative Arts Journal, Adroit, is now accepting submissions from students and the community for its spring 2018 edition.

Founded in 2016, Bainbridge State College’s Creative Arts Journal, Adroit, captures the essence and culture of everyday Southwest Georgia by celebrating the originality in the region. 

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Adroit features the talents of young and old, students and community members, providing a space where they can discover new aspects of their creativity. There are no limits to creative expression, and Adroit strives to capture the time, spirit, and atmosphere of its community through original multimedia artwork, fiction/non-fiction prose, and poetry.

The Creative Arts Journal was founded by Dr. Emily Dowd-Arrow, BSC Associate Professor of English and Lead Advisor to Adroit, who wanted to give students an opportunity to showcase their talents.

“When I teach writing, I teach it as an opportunity to communicate to an audience, to express a personal truth to others,” explained Dowd-Arrow. “I ask students to imagine their truth making a difference, but most students lack the confidence to actually take their work beyond the classroom; they lack a clear space for sharing their truth.  I wanted to create that space.”

BSC student Zakiya Williams found the Adroit experience to be a positive one that has given her the “space” needed to display her creative talents.

She stated, “Adroit serves as a creative outlet for artistic students and people within our community in order for their work to be known. Thanks to Dr. Dowd-Arrow, who inspired this journal, I feel that I have not only been able to hone my skills, but I have also been able to learn new things that has allowed me to transition into the professional world.”

According to Dowd-Arrow Southwest Georgia is a community with stories to tell and Adroit gives them that opportunity.

She said “Adroit reflects the community’s richness, shows us to ourselves, but more importantly, it shows us how very brilliant we are – that we are, in fact, adroit.”

The deadline to submit material is Feb. 1, 2018.

To learn more about submitting artwork to Adroit, visit