Athletes flock to Sprint on the Flint triathlon

Published 4:31 pm Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Swimmers, bikers and runners alike dove into the Flint early Saturday morning for the annual Sprint on the Flint triathlon.

The triathlon consisted of a 400-meter swim, a 10-mile bike ride and a 5K run. This year’s swimming course had to be redirected due to the grass, but event manager, Valerie Faircloth felt like it was the best thing to do in order to get triathletes to return in the future.

Out of 120 participants, Michael Weyant came out on top this year, clocking in a time of 54:22. Less than a minute behind him was Bryce Bass with a time of 55:10.

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“I’m always inspired by the person who finishes first overall,” Faircloth said. “But, I’m also inspired by the person who finishes last and is out there doing it by themselves, and just really using their determination to make it to the end.”

The overall female sprinter was Melanie Leitman with a time of 58:12 and the masters’ female sprinter was Sue Hite, coming in at 1:07:34.

The winners were divided into age categories. For females 25-29, Taylor Lawrence won with a time of 1:16:59. Females 30-34 had Rebecca Butler as their winner with 1:11:29. Donica Williams won the age 35-39 group with a time of 1:09:16. Lisa Chadwick clocked a time of 1:13:02 for the 40-44 age group. For women 45-49, Christa Clemons won, clocking in a time of 1:12:51. Joanne Maltese won for the 50-54 year-old age category with a time of 1:13:59. Not far behind Maltese, Joann Milford won for ages 55-59 with a time of 1:19:48. For the last age category ages 60-64, Martha Murray clocked in at 1:16:20, finishing the win for the women.

The overall male winner was Weyant and the masters’ male sprinter was T. Alan Cox with a time of 1:00:28.

The male age group had a 15-year-old participate, William McCoy, who clocked a time of 1:13:12 for the 19 and under category. Austin Clark won in the age 20-24 category with a time of 1:11:30. Coming in at just under an hour, Travis Taggart recorded a time of 59:11 for the 25-29-age category. Cole Posey sped in at 1:01:15 for the 30-34 age group. Eric Houge managed to shave off a minute of Posey’s time, coming in at 1:00:15 for ages 35-39. Ridge Harper was first for ages 40-44 with a quick time of 1:05:11. Two minutes under him, was Tad David with a time of 1:03:27 for ages 45-49. Just seconds behind David was Bill Wilhelm for the 50-54 age group. He recorded a time of 1:03:34. Racing through barely a minute later was Keith Rowe with a time of 1:04:45 for ages 55-59. Closing in on Rowe, was Jay Herring for ages 60-64, who had a time of 1:04:29. In between Rowe and Herring, Dale Nash for ages 65-69 recorded a time of 1:04:38. Finally, Neil Snyder, an older gentleman who has not lost his ability to beat the clock came in at 1:15:13 for the 70 & over age group.

Faircloth said she was very happy with the results. She said there were a lot of repeat runners, but a lot of new faces as well.

For a list of full results, check out