Start a tradition, give thanks, give back and get a turkey

Published 4:21 pm Friday, October 6, 2017

After being featured on the Today Show, Turkey on the Table has made its way from New York City to Bainbridge Pharmacy.

Two friends in Alamo, Texas developed Turkey on the Table. April George and Kerry Maunus had a vision and wanted to teach their young children a sense of gratitude. Their goal was to turn “thankfulness” into an activity and have the kids focus on the things they have and not the things they don’t. That’s how they decided upon Turkey on the Table.

Families start off by purchasing a Turkey on the Table and placing it in a visible space of the home. The turkey starts off with no feathers and each day of November a family member writes down something they are thankful for on one side of the feather. Family members continue to add “thankful feathers” each day to their turkey until Thanksgiving Day. On Thanksgiving Day, families proudly display their “fully dressed Turkey on the Table” and read their thankful feathers aloud. Each year, families can redress their turkeys by buying more feathers, but never throwing away the old thankful feathers to remember all the things they have to be thankful for.

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Not only does Turkey on the Table teach children a sense of gratitude, but it has partnered with Feeding America. They have a commitment to giving thanks and giving back. Each turkey sold provides 10 meals to those less fortunate. Maunus and George feel strongly that everyone deserves food on their table, no matter the circumstances. They believe Turkey on the Table can help everyone.

Hannah Birdsong, who works at Bainbridge Pharmacy, has already placed out their Turkey, Tom. For every customer who checks out, they get to fill out a feather to put on Tom’s back. Birdsong said she enjoys seeing what their customers are grateful for.

“America needs Turkey on the Table,” Birdsong said.

Turkey on the Table costs $40 and is available at Bainbridge Pharmacy. They also have feather refills for families who bought a turkey last year and used up all the thankful feathers.