How does one say thank you?

Published 4:28 pm Friday, October 6, 2017

How does one say thank you to someone that saved our family pet; who does this because he simply loves animals? Bainbridge has the richness of that special person. Wish we had him here.

Hurricane Irma was the reason we arrived in your lovely town and met so very many helpful people and loving people. We had never heard of your hometown, but now we will never forget Bainbridge, Ga.

There is no way you could ever make me believe that God didn’t work out our visit. We were headed to Alabama, but I tired of the drive and turned north from the Panhandle.

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Our first stop was a gas station where a lady who works for the City sent us to the Holiday Inn Express. There another woman came to the desk just as we were asking for a room. This woman said she had reserved three rooms, but now only needed two. We got that room, which turned out to be the last room available.

While traveling, my husband and I noticed that our dog, Pia, seemed really jittery, but we ignored it because we thought she was nervous about traveling.

After settling in our room I took Pia out for a walk (all on concrete) and immediately noticed she was trying to void; but nothing was showing. That scared me, so the next morning, Sat., Sept. 9, I called Port City Animal Hospital and was told to bring her for an exam. Dr. Cliff Bailey did an ultra sound and it showed she was filled with infection and large kidney stones. He also contacted another doctor to get his input as to how to handle Pia.

It was decided Pia needed surgery then or she could die within 48 hours.

Dr. Bailey did the surgery. It took about two hours—used meds to clear infection.

I have the stones; as large as big marbles. Later that day Dr. Bailey brought Pia to us at the Inn because I was worried about the storm – gave us his cell number and offered to return to the Inn if we needed him through the night.

On Tuesday, the 12th, we took Pia back to see Dr. Bailey for an OK to return home. After we got the all clear we asked what we owed. We had a large bag of dog food, a 12 pack of canned food, meds, office visit and surgery —bottom line, 0 dollars was charged! What a beautiful surprise!

Your vet, Clifford Bailey, DVM, was a God given gift to us.

We will never be able to repay Dr. Bailey for saving our dog, let alone the cost involved. We will “pass this gift on” and keep this wonderful man in our prayers.

Thank you to Dr. Bailey, and his wife, Cindy, and receptionist Heather.

Thank you to the girls at the Inn, Carolyn, Anjoli and Chelsea and our cleaning lady and to all the other people who showed concern for us and our pet, Pia.

God bless you all.

Judy and Russ Brendel

Fort Pierce, Fla.