Wanted burglar arrested while hiding in vacant home

Published 4:07 pm Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cridarrion Byrd, 18, was arrested Sunday after breaking into the El Chagarro and stealing the cash register.

Officer Joshua Glover was dispatched to the El Chagarro after the business alarm began to go off.

Officers Jason Hayes and Jayson Myers also arrived on the scene and noticed a pair of shoe prints in the sand, both being from a Nike shoe.

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Upon entering the business, Glover noticed a spinning rack containing potato chips lying on its side in the front left corner and the deadbolt to the door lying on the floor. The cash register that belonged to the store was unable to be located, but a wooden chisel with a black handle was lying on the counter.

Investigator Chip Nix then arrived on scene to observe and process. The owner of the store, Rudy Cruz was contacted and advised the cash register was missing. Cruz said the chisel did not belong to him and he said he noticed a window on the west side of the building was broken. Cruz pulled up the security footage for Nix to view.

In the footage, Nix saw a black male ride a bike into the yard on the southeast side of the building and walk to the front door and grab the doorknob. Byrd immediately noticed the security camera and pulled the camera angle down towards the ground. Byrd then slung the door open and grabbed the cash register, leaving his chisel inside and pulling a hoodie over his head.

Nix recognized Byrd from an earlier burglary that took place a few weeks ago. Byrd burglarized a home, taking assault rifles and a TV. set. Nix called Officer Davina Evans to see if she had an address for Byrd, which was only two blocks from the scene.

While canvasing the area, officers found a vacant house about two blocks down from the scene where Byrd had barricaded himself.

The officers split up, having Officer Ronald McMillan positioned at the rear of the home and Glover standing on the southwest corner of the residence. The other officers surrounded the area. Officers then commanded Byrd to come to the door; Byrd began to run into the southwest corner of the room, when Officer Myers kicked in the door. Officer McMillan then arrested Byrd.

Nix has reason to believe Byrd may be connected to another string of burglaries that took place in the area earlier on Saturday, because of Byrd’s habitual violations and will continue to look into those allegations.