The burden of being a cookie monster

Published 4:19 pm Friday, September 22, 2017

Like any true American male, I love a good cookie.

For the past six months, I’ve been doing well with reducing the amount of sweets in my diet. Some may remember a column I wrote this past summer where I talked about a breakthrough I had with my diet, virtually eliminating all sodas save for the rare treat and cutting back heavily on the sugar.

But good gracious almighty, I can’t resist a quality baked good. Especially a warm cookie straight out of the oven. Give me chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, doesn’t matter.

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There is one cookie I’m particularly weak to. Now, I won’t disclose who bakes this specific cookie. The last thing I want is word getting out that this person can make little discs of heaven. You’d all be beating down their door, demanding a batch of your own.

I was lucky enough to have a dozen dropped off at my desk early Friday morning for me to enjoy through the weekend. I fully planned on taking them with me to Athens this weekend, letting my family get in on the delicious treats. However, I’m about halfway through the supply that was given to me, and I think by the end of the day there won’t be a crumb left to share.

I’m not normally like this. Promise. But these cookies are so delicious that I can’t resist snacking on them mindlessly.

I always thought my mama’s chocolate chip cookies were the best, until I recently found out they’re just the Nestle Tollhouse recipe. Now they don’t seem so mysterious. But these cookies that were dropped off to me are a secret recipe, and I think that’s what makes them taste so good. Packed full of chocolate chips (both milk and white) and pecans, it’s amazing there’s anything left to hold it all together. But there is, a soft, buttery cookie that melts in your mouth.

If I haven’t made you start thinking about baking cookies yet, then I don’t know what could be wrong with you. If you do start up the oven and bake some, feel free to drop some off at The Post-Searchlight. I’d be happy to give them a taste test.