Arabella: my answered prayer

Published 4:15 pm Friday, September 15, 2017

We have a new member of the family. She is a 3 month-old light brown puppy we adopted from the Humane Society Shelter about a week ago – just before Irma came through.

After we lost our Josie, we took a good look at our 14 year-old Gabby and realized she won’t be with us much longer either. We reasoned that then Mario would be all alone and bored to death. When he is bored he becomes destructive. Sooooo……we decided he needed company.

I saw the picture of this cute pup on the shelter website and talked my husband into going to see it. Once we saw how little and boney she was, she just telegraphed a need  to be rescued.  Well, we took her home on a foster basis to see how she got along with Mario. It was love at first sight. They romped and played together until both collapsed side by side on the path. When she came inside, she took over the sofa pillow and one of Mario’s toys and looked very happy to have a home. That was all it took. The next day we adopted her. In keeping with all of the dogs having Italian names (Gabriella, Josephina and Mario) we have named her Arabella. The meaning of her name is “answered prayer.” Usually we just call her Bella.

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Now, we are faced with all the behaviors that accompany puppies. My friends and family are convinced we have lost our ever-lovin’ minds. Maybe they are right.

She has vitalized our days and nights. There is no more sleeping in on weekends, or any other day. She wakes up and is raring to go. She has even slowed Mario down.

She loves to cuddle up and nap on the floor next to either one of the other dogs.

After one week, she is beginning to fill out her skinny little frame, and judging from the size of her feet, we believe she will be a big girl when she grows up.

She is a good girl, and I think Josie would approve.