Our city stepped up when we were needed

Published 6:19 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2017

first stepped foot in Decatur County in late May 2008. My family soon followed and we made Bainbridge our home. We moved here without first visiting, basing my decision to move here on the reputation of the community.

That positive reputation has been confirmed many times over the past nine years, but the actions of our community over the past several days proved that reputation is well deserved.

While facing our own challenges and unknowns with Hurricane Irma’s eye heading straight toward the middle of the county, our first instinct was to help others.  We did what Decatur Countians do, we stepped up, made sure our own were prepared and safe all the while stepping up to help the evacuees fleeing from a severe storm.

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I hope that the actions of countless individual and group volunteers provided some level of comfort to our brief visitors, visitors who didn’t know if they would return to a livable home.  There was even a plan to take care of the pets of the displaced families running from the storm.

Simply an incredible, but not surprising, showing of compassion and care to people whom probably didn’t know Bainbridge and Decatur County existed before this weekend.

Godspeed to those folks as they return home and we wish them the best.

Despite the ominous forecasts of severe damaging wind, we were, for the most part, spared from any serious damage and injury.  There were downed trees and power outages, but we should consider ourselves fortunate.

The level of communication to our residents from our Emergency Management folks, Decatur County, City of Bainbridge and law enforcement was excellent and should be commended. The Decatur County Sheriff’s Office and Bainbridge Public Safety kept folks safe and kept the roads as clear as possible.

Civil servants and government are criticized often but never fail to step up in times of need. The last few days were no exception. Thank you for what is many times a thankless job.

Thanks to the volunteer fire departments throughout the county. These guys are invaluable and are the first to serve when needed. Thanks to all the first responders who spent time away from their families to serve the entire community.

Special thanks to the various power companies’ staff for doing everything possible to make sure homes maintained power. In an already dangerous job, these linemen endure perilous conditions for the comfort of their customers.

Do we have our own issues in Decatur County? Yes, but what community doesn’t? I know this; there is no other place I would rather be in good times and in bad. We have a spirit, a soul, and a heart in our community that are unmatched anywhere.

We all should be proud of how others were treated during their brief stay in our community and we should be proud of how our own stepped up to do their best to protect us.