My three favorite teams won this weekend

Published 6:14 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What a great weekend of football we had.

Everything got off to an amazing start when Bainbridge beat Cairo 49-22 in Syrupmaker country. The win marks the most amount of points Bainbridge has ever scored on Cairo. The closest was in 1932 when the Bearcats shut them out 48-0. It has been a long time coming!

Kudos to the Bearcat players, coaches and staff who made Friday night such a fun event for Bainbridge fans. The visitor’s stands were packed and the home stands were emptying out by the third quarter. Go Bearcats!

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It was followed up by a Saturday evening of college football that nearly took a whole year off of my life with the anxiety it created. Georgia was able to eek by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 20-19. If we found out one thing about the Dawgs, it’s that their defense is a force to be reckoned with and could go toe-to-toe with anyone in the country.

Unfortunately, the offense isn’t quite clicking yet. Jake Fromm played well, but looked like a freshman. It wasn’t even that adverse of an atmosphere, seeing as how half the stadium was wearing red with Georgia fans. I wish I could have seen what Eason looked like up there. Lots of points were left on the field, but I’ll take it. Hopefully the Dawgs can demolish Samford before matching up against their first SEC opponent, Mississippi State (who could be undefeated if they take care of business against LSU this weekend).That will be a great game.

I woke up Sunday putting together news for Hurricane Irma and prepping for the worst case scenario, but that wasn’t going to come between me and watching the Falcons.

Atlanta looked a little shaky at times, but when they were making plays, good gracious almighty were they a sight to behold. Matt Ryan’s touchdown pass to Austin Hooper, who stiff armed a Chicago defender on his way to the end zone, was a rollercoaster of emotions, from panic to surprise to sheer adrenaline-pumping excitement. And who can forget the stellar defense that kept the Bears from taking the lead on the last four plays of the game. Excellent stuff, Dirty Birds. I can’t wait for next week’s game against Green Bay in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

All three of my favorite teams won their games this week. I have to savor this feeling, because I know the odds of all three staying perfect are slim.

But I can’t help but to want to feel like this every Monday!