From one generation to the next, Loefflers take position under center

Published 6:16 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mark Loeffler, the uncle to current Bainbridge quarterback Mark Loeffler, played quaterback for the Bearcats in the early 1980s.

If you bring up Bainbridge quarterback Mark Loeffler to some of the older fans around these parts, they might ask you, which one?

Mark Loeffler, the uncle of the current Bainbridge quarterback of the same name, played for the Bearcats in 1980-82. With his nephew stepping into the role for his senior year, Loeffler has imparted a lot of advice and plenty of inspiration.

“I’m proud of him,” the older Loeffler said. “Just happy. He worked hard for it. It’s rewarding.”

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The younger Loeffler remembers getting a call from his uncle when it was made public he would be the starter this season. He served as backup quarterback last season, even starting and helping win a crucial region game against Harris County, and has put in the work to take over the position.

“The encouragement you have to give your teammates,” the younger Loeffler said about why the quarterback position is so important. “They look up to you, because you have to start everything. You’re the leader of the offense.”

Life lessons. Pride. Leadership. Both Loefflers said they experienced all of these as quarterback for the Bearcats. It means a lot to command Bainbridge’s offense, and neither take it for granted.

“That position is not easy, so it teaches you humility,” the older Loeffler said. “I had a lot of that. But I also think there was a level of confidence that a quarterback gets from that position. I hope Mark gets those experience that he can take with him through his life after he plays football.”

The older Loeffler has watched his nephew play on the game footage website Hudl. Mark likes that another Bainbridge quarterback can see what he’s doing well and perhaps provide some help for the things he’s working on.

“It means a lot,” the younger Loeffler said. “It helps knowing that he knows what he’s talking about too.”